Future Monarchs Training Program


Silver Spring, MD – On the heels of announcing it’s 2010 Super Y League tryouts, Real Maryland FC is pleased to also announce its new Future Monarchs Training Program that will run this fall and winter at Champions Field House in Rockville, MD.  This is soccer training for everyone at every level from the ages of 4-11 years old. Enrollment is now open for all programs and online registration can be found at and


In the Future Monarchs Training Program, each age group will be broken down individually where the focus of the training will be on the fundamentals of soccer.  These building blocks are the essential components that a player needs in order to be put on the correct soccer path.  Each session is put together in a way for a child to build a proper foundation in the world both on and off the soccer pitch.  A session will run approximately 1 hour, with a maximum of 30 players.  The player to coach ratio will be kept low to 8:1 or better.

Real Maryland FC is proud to offer its new youth Future Monarchs Program at its new official indoor home – Champions Field House.  “What's unique about Champions Field House is not only what it offers in terms of the facility itself, but in the people who bring it to life. We have gathered many of the area's best coaches, who all have the same values, ideals, and demands of excellence, under one roof,” says Jenna Ries, Executive Director of Champions Field House.

The Future Monarch Program begins with 4 & 5 year olds who will meet twice a week in the mornings.  At this level, children are introduced to the game of soccer through a fun & energetic learning environment.  Games are used to build coordination and balance while reinforcing basic soccer technique.

Ages 6-11 will run in the early evenings for 1 hour classes.  The second level in the Future Monarch Program is focused on the development of 6 & 7 year olds.  Here, a player’s training is designed to continue and reinforce what was introduced in the prior level.  For 6 & 7 year olds, there is more focus on repetition of technique with dribbling, trapping, striking and passing.

At the U8 & U9 level, there is more direction and concentration on technique than in the previous two levels.  The basic fundamentals are still practiced such as dribbling, trapping, striking and passing, but are asked to be done so with a greater quickness and crispness.

At the U10’s level, with the techniques polished, players are encouraged to use them in small game-like scenarios such as 1 v 1, 2 v 2 & 3 v 3.  The mentality factor at this age is important where the player is to be developed to take on challenges rather than pass that challenge along to someone else.  By age 11, players will be asked to perform technical and tactical play in game-like settings.  Additionally, mental attributes that will be reinforced are team building, goal setting and the acceptance of pressure.

“Real Maryland FC is interested in helping the community’s youth, says Monarch’s General Manager David Noyes.  “I am glad we get to offer another program through a fantastic facility.”

The Future Monarchs Training Program will nurture, foster and develop strong playing skills and strong character in each individual.  Real Maryland FC’s goal is to develop the community’s youth into contributing members of society through soccer.

Real Maryland FC participates in the Second Division of the United Soccer Leagues.  All 2009 Regular Season Home Games will be played at Lester Stadium at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, MD.  For more information, please visit or contact General Manager David Noyes at (301) 933-6460.


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