Player Blogs: Daryl Ferguson

Hello Monarch fans! You all have been so great to us. I don't know how we can express our gratitude. The atmosphere at the games are so amazing and electrifying that it’s hard to hear my teammates on the field!

We have been working really hard this week to prepare for the Harrisburg, the defending champions. We feel like we can play with any team on the road.

The difference in playing on the road versus playing at home is that you feel like an outcast and you can't get into your comfort level.

The fans as well as the energy and physical play that the home team comes at you with also has a lot to do with the difficulty of playing on the road.

We feel that if we can get at least a point on the road, then we have had a successful trip.

Overall the season looks promising and we have opened up a lot of ears around the league with the results we have accomplished thus far.

Until next week I'm out.


Daryl Ferguson


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