Player Blogs: Stephen Basso

Hey! I just want to say what’s up to everyone out there and a big thanks to all of you who came out last Sunday in that horrible weather and supported us. The game didn’t go as we all wanted it to and we can only hope for a better result on Saturday night.

I guess you can say that Sunday just wasn't our day. We started the game off really slow and seemed to be sleeping the first 30 minutes. It was just one of those games that came down to one of the teams making a mistake and it just so happened to be us.

Luckily we got that 30 minute delay thanks to the lightning, which we really needed. When we got into the locker room, coach was quite pissed off. We weren’t playing our game. We were at our home stadium and getting beat in ever aspect of the game, which should never happen when you’re playing at home and in front of you’re home crowd.

After the delay we seemed to come alive, putting more pressure on them in all areas of the field. We were creating chances for ourselves and getting everyone involved.

During the second half we definitely were the better team and we dominated possession. We had some good shots on goal that I think on any other day in the week would have gone in. We fought really hard to come back from the 1-0 deficit but just couldn’t crack the net.

This week in training, I know everyone will be working hard not to let ourselves and our fans down for a second week in a row.

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting us.


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