December 2008 Tryouts

Silver Spring, MD – Real Maryland FC is proud of the turnout for this weekend’s December Open Tryout. For the second tryout in a row, all 50 spots have been filled. “In the beginning it was a little difficult getting the word out there,” said General Manager David Noyes. “But a good word has been spreading about the club and the whole thing has just kind of taken off.”

Over this past weekend there were several other professional tryouts going on, including the PDL Combine in Charleston, SC. In addition to all spots filling up, there was enough interest to create one last Open Tryout – To be held January 17th. The January Tryout will be the final Open Tryout for the 2009 season. After that tryout, potential players will be screened by resume for the Invitation Tryout in February.

“It was a good turnout,” said Head Coach Anthony Hudson. “The standard seems to be getting higher and higher with each tryout we hold.”

The tryouts were covered by Randy Dunbar of Black Agnes Photography. Please go to to view photos of this past weekend’s event.

Please visit our website for more information on the upcoming tryouts at


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