The Real Maryland FC Monarchs reported today that they have received a substantial number of applications to fill the now vacant positions of Head Coach and General Manager.

Victor Moran, an owner of the club, commented that “he was particularly impressed as to the level of the experience” of the applicants for the head coaching slot, several of which are already coaching professionally or in the college ranks.

Moran went on to note that “both of these positions are critical to the operation of the team, and we need to carefully review the background and qualifications of the different candidates” before making final choices. Moran stated that while he thought that “there is a reasonable chance that both positions will be filled within the next sixty days”, he also indicated that “there is no need to rush.”

In addition to the job vacancies, the Monarchs continue to progress on the field. On Saturday, August 23, the team played NCAA Division I team Duke University to a hard fought 2-2 draw at RFK. Real Maryland’s goals were scored by veteran Nilson Perez and newcomer Pablo Gomez, both of whom are likely to play important roles in the 2009 season.

Playing games against collegiate soccer powers like Duke gives the Monarchs an opportunity to establish relationships with the college clubs and to keep an eye out for talent for the pro team. “It’s only a matter of time until one of those college players will be wearing a Real Maryland uniform,” said a Moran with a wide grin.



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