Report: Super 20s 1- PDA 0

By Matt Skinner

The Real Maryland Super 20s began their North American Finals campaign with an impressive 1-0 victory over Group A rivals PDA.


The two teams played a tightly contested first-half which resulted in a 0-0 stalemate at halftime.


Super 20s coach Roger Fernandez made some astute tactical changes before the beginning of the second-half, including bringing on forward Ignacio Diaz.  


The Monarchs’ goal came in the 74th minute after Diaz found the back of the PDA net. The play began with midfielder Foday Kamara, who made a bracing run down the center of the park before offloading the ball to Lucas Szabo just outside the 18-yard box. The striker was quick to spot Diaz in a scoring position and the substitute struck with ferocity.


The Real Maryland defenders held a disciplined backline for the remainder of the game and allowed PDA few chances to find the much needed equalizer.


“I am very happy and excited with the way the boys played today,” celebrates Fernandez. “But I told them that they potentially have four more games to play and that they should reserve celebrating until the conclusion of the tournament.”


“I told the forwards that if they hadn’t scored within the first thirty minutes of my coming on, then I would score for them,” joked Diaz on his match winner.


The Monarchs face the Carolina Dynamo at noon today.


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