Real Maryland Super 20s Head To Nationals

By Matt Skinner

The Real Maryland Super 20s will participate in this year’s Super-20 League North American Finals. The tournament will take place July 30th-August 3rd at Princess Anne Athletics Complex, located in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Monarchs have been invited to participate in the prestigious tournament in lieu of another team that could not meet the set requirements.

The 16 team tournament will be divided into four groups with only the winner advancing to the semi-finals. Real Maryland will be competing within Group A alongside the Carolina Dynamo, PDA and the Florida Alliance.

“I think it’s very rewarding that the team has a chance to travel to the Finals in our inaugural year,” remarks Super 20s coach Roger Fernandez jubilantly. “We had a great season and the guys played well throughout it. I believe the Mid-Atlantic division is one of the tougher divisions in the league and the players have been rewarded for all their hard work.”

Real Maryland finished its regular season tied for third with a record of 4-1-3. The team missed out on automatic qualification, with those honors going to rivals DC United and Potomac. However, end of season positions do not faze Fernandez, who believes that all teams entering the tournament are on an equal footing.

“We have a week to prepare for the Finals and we will be training hard,” continues the gaffer. “We have a good chance to progress past the group stage and we have our sights set on the final.”

Real Maryland begins its campaign against PDA on Thursday, July 31st, before facing the Carolina Dynamo on Friday, August 1st and the Florida Alliance on Saturday, August 2nd.

The final will be held Sunday, August 3rd.  


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