Press Release- November 24, 2007
Germantown, Maryland

Successful Try-outs For Real Maryland FC

Germantown, MD.- The cold temperatures recorded in the morning was not an excuse for a great number of young soccer players, their coaches and their family to be present at the Maryland Soccer Complex in Germantown for the second session of the try-outs, which had a great turnout and was very successful.

The main objective of this try-out was to be able to choose some players for the new 2nd Division Professional soccer team, Real Maryland FC. This would give an opportunity to some players who have the ability to perform at the professional level.

A total of 70 pre-registered players and close to 30 other players registered at the place of the try-outs, Maryland Soccer Complex. These players were present in making history in participating in the try-outs. Due to the large number of participants many were not able to try-out, but they registered for the next date on December 22, 2007 at the same place and same time.

“I have not seen something like this in all my years of coaching the sport. There is not a doubt that something like this was missing in the community. Everyone is responding great to this new beginning. We are having a great start.”, commented Coach Silvino, Head Coach of the new team.

The majority of the participants were players from local leagues and their respected colleges. There was also talented players from Italy, Spain and England. Local players came from Ohio, Las Vegas, New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states.

“We seem to be doing very well and things are getting better. We already have a great number of registered participants for the next try-outs on December 23.” Said Bienvenido Martinez, General Manager of Real Maryland FC.

Other than the try-outs, the packets for sponsorship have been getting prepared as well as season ticket plans and the program for opening night that could be around mid April 2008.

More information can be obtained by calling (301) 919-9258 or by going to the website:

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