Article #9

Two games into our USL season, and there really seems to be mixed emotions within the team. After a very important home opening win, we really felt disappointed that we left Pittsburgh without anything to show for. The players worked hard, and more importantly, started to shows signs of working together as a team. There's plenty of talent in the group, and with continued hard work, things will start falling into place. This weekend’s game against Crystal Palace is a big one for the club, but we are approaching it just like any other game. Palace are a very strong team, they’ve had a great start to the season and we can’t wait to meet them on Saturday. For those who are thinking about coming, I would strongly recommend you do, because it’s going to be a great game, and I'm sure a great atmosphere from the fans.

It is also great to see all the players and parents of our youth academy starting to get together as a club. With training and games fast approaching, it will be great to see everyone out wearing their Real Maryland FC colors. For the young players in our club, and I know for me personally, there's one carrot that's being dangled amongst many, that is an absolutely fantastic opportunity.

The club’s partnership with Real Sporting, of the Spanish La Liga, which allows us to send up to four players to their club for training with there Academy. What a dream opportunity, and any young kid wanting to play at the highest level needs to recognize and do what they can to grab a hold of. These opportunities don't come around too often, especially in such a competitive world of football. Our coaches and staff will be closely observing over the upcoming months, exactly who has what it takes to go over to the European club.

See you Saturday!!!



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