Player Blogs: Devlin Barnes

Have you ever heard the line from The Wizard of Oz “There’s no place like home”? Well, that’s how things have been going for us lately.  Three wins at the Maryland SoccerPlex have really helped us out and last Saturday’s victory over Wilmington gave us three more much-needed points.  

As fans, I’m sure you enjoy these exciting come-from-behind wins but on the field, I would gladly go up 4-0 and coast to victory.  I really think being forced to play down has improved us as a team. We show more urgency on offense and can buckle down on defense.  Once again we needed the fans during every minute of the Wilmington game proving what a difference our home turf makes.  Hopefully we can take this momentum into tomorrow’s game on the road in Harrisburg.  It is time to end our troubles away from home and come away with a win.  

I heard the fan support should be there since Harrisburg is a fairly close drive and the team is sponsoring a fan trip.  No matter what, I know we will come out and play hard this weekend after our solid week of practice.

We were also excited to learn our fate in the Open Cup on Wednesday!  The Freedoms sound like a talented side. We still have two games to prepare for before we face them so I’m sure the coaching staff will focus on our upcoming league contests before we get much of a scouting report.  The Open Cup is always an exciting time so even though it is a weeknight, I hope to see the fans out to support us.  Let’s face it, $100,000 is on the line!

It has been a pretty routine week of practice for us. Every day I notice the team getting better and becoming a cohesive unit.  

Even though we can’t spend much time checking it out, it is obvious that there are a lot of people behind the scenes putting together the awesome game day atmosphere so once again I have to applaud both the fans and staff for making this year such a great inaugural season.

If you can’t follow us to Harrisburg, make sure to check out the match report online.  I’ll see you in two weeks for the rubber match with Cleveland!

Devlin Barnes




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