Player Blogs: Daryl Ferguson

Hey there Fans!

We’re in yet another week of training and we are back to the drawing board.  We got our first road game out of the way and we have a feel of how home field advantage affects the play of the road team.  They had a great atmosphere in Western Mass but we are better here in Maryland. I would like to thank the fans who made it out to Western Mass to support us. We really appreciate it. 

We have a few people injured and are recovering and we will have our leader, Ronald Cerritos, back this week so that adds to our attack.  We have been working on a few things that we saw we needed to work on after the Western Mass game and it looks like things are getting to where they need to be. 

Cleveland is going to be a tough team this week so we have to put on our hard hats and go to work. I think we will fair well against them this week and will return home with a good result. 

Practice was intense today and everyone looks like they have an extra pep in their step.

For those of you who have Direct TV and have the sports package, the game will be televised on tape delay on 657 (STO) at 11pm Saturday night. I'm out of here. See you in a week when we return home on the 20th.

Daryl Ferguson


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