The Future Monarchs Training staff conducts training sessions for players aged 4-12 years old. These sessions are put together in a way for your child to build a proper foundation in the world.  Individual and Team concepts are taught in a certain manner so that the player can develop successfully both on and off the playing field. 

The Future Monarch Academy begins with 4 & 5 year olds who are placed in the Prince and Princess Level.  At this level, children are introduced to the game of soccer using a fun & energetic learning environment.  Games are used to build coordination and balance while reinforcing basic soccer technique. 

The object at this age level is to introduce the player to sharing and working with others while learning the basic fundamentals of soccer such as dribbling, trapping, striking and passing.  Daily exercises will vary from individual play to team play. 

Exercise length is to be kept minimal in order to facilitate energy and to maintain attention spans.  The environment overall is aimed in getting the players as many touches on the ball as possible during this time span.  Training staff is encouraged to nurture the player’s development by allowing freedom of expression with small group situations and games.

The second level in the Future Monarch Academy is focused on the development of 6 & 7 year olds.  The Baron & Baroness level is designed to continue and reinforce what was introduced in Prince & Princesses.  At this level, there is more focus on repetition of technique with dribbling, trapping, striking and passing.

Specifics, in addition to accuracy, are taught such as parts of the foot to dribble with as well as using both feet.  The ability to start, stop and move in a different manner is emphasized as well.  Similar to dribbling, parts of the foot will be taught for use with striking and passing. 

In the U8 & U9 level, there is more direction and concentration on technique than in the previous two levels.  There are introductions to positions and objectives for reaching certain numbers in both individual and team situations.  Homework is introduced so the player takes the game home with them away from the field.  This is used to encourage a more rapid improvement in skills, but also it develops a focus off the field while developing good everyday habits such as practice, individual responsibility, scheduling and prioritizing.

The third generation of the Future Monarchs is gear towards polishing of technique with speed.  The basic fundamentals are still practiced such as dribbling, trapping, striking and passing, but are asked to be done so with a quickness and crispness. 

The U10’s are developed under the Duke and Duchess Level.  At this level, with the techniques polished, players are encouraged to use them in small game-like scenarios such as 1 v 1, 2 v 2 & 3 v 3.  The mentality factor at this age is important where the player is to be developed to take on challenges rather than pass that challenge along to someone else.  This is reinforced through multiple 1 v 1 sessions. 

As the group develops, numbers are increased to educate the players on how to problem solve with partners. What is the object of the task?  How do we complete the task?  What tools do we have to complete the task?  This will vary based on different individual’s skill level.  The players must figure out

how to achieve with others around them who have a different ability.  This is crucial in developing the proper team mentality.  Efforts must be coordinated in the group or else there will be holes that an opposition will be able to expose. 

At age 10, the players enter the King and Queen Level.  At age 10, players begin to emerge as different types of players with certain traits or characteristics.  The foundation of technique is repeated, but there is a new emphasis on creativity.  At the King and Queen level, players are encouraged to learn as many offensive dribbling moves as possible.  In addition, new moves created by the player are highly encouraged.  This is one of the most critical age groups because it is where a player develops their personality.

The basic defensive and offensive principles in numbers are taught to counter balance the encouragement of self expression.  Like the previous level, Kings and Queens start with 1 v 1 situations, but it quickly moves to 2 v 2, 3 v 3 & 4 v 4 groupings.  Within these groupings players are taught movement off of and movement towards the ball while they are not in possession.  This is designed to create conflict within the player so in order to force them to decide or recognize if they should continue in the play with individual expression or team sharing.

At age 11, players will enter the Emperor and Empress Level where they will be asked to perform technical and tactical in game-like settings.  There will be homework and technical work, but coaches are encouraged to transition quickly into games teaching possession.  Possession of the ball is maintained either through individual creativity or use of others on your team.  These two methods of possession, along with the mastery of technical skills, are expected to be grasped by the age of 12.  

This is the final age group before the United State National Academy begins accepting players.  Mental and physical stamina will be challenged as the players progress through this level.  Many activities are in groups of 3’s, 4’s & 6’s. 

With the introduction of higher group numbers, there are now lines of positions to recognize as well as individual positioning.  Problem solving becomes more complex at the Emperor & Empress level and patience maintenance at high physical duress is critical to achieve the groups objective.

Other mental attributes that are covered are team building, positional outlook (how you see yourself and how you are seen while playing the position of forward, midfield, defensive back or keeper), goal setting and the acceptance of pressure.

The Future Monarchs Training Academy will nurture, foster and develop strong playing skills and strong character.  Through these two attributes, players will be better prepared for the soccer field as well as handling life’s obstacles.  Real Maryland FC’s goal is to develop the community’s youth into contributing members of society through soccer.


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